Domino's Refresh

Domino's Pizza ・ Advertising ・ 2023
Creative Concept
Content Production
Visual Identity
Film & Animation
Social Media
Domino's wanted to refresh their branding and communication for the Norwegian market. We developed a new creative concept and strategy, and designed a fresh new visual system for Domino's wide variety of TV, digital and print campaigns, and in-store material. New visuals include a sticker concept for titles and campaign logos, isometric pizza imagery, and enticing "pizza porn" films produced by Flambert.

Stickers allow for a flexible and expressive visual system for a wide-range of campaigns and messages.

Isometric imagery focuses on Domino's core products as part of a dynamic system that allows for the inclusion of conceptual campaign-specific imagery.

Product films, dubbed "pizza porn", offer an enticing, drool-inducing backdrop to several hero-product campaigns.