Maarud Product Launch Made People Go Criminal!

Maarud ・ Advertising ・ 2024
Social Media
Maarud rolls out several new products every year. But Tortilla XL was truly a standout – it was big news in every sense of the word. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to capitalize on that. So, we plastered the phrase "Our biggest news so far" on films and billboards to drive home our message. 
The excitement was more than we could hope for - literally, with people even swiping the oversized packs. Naturally, we had to hop on social media to clear the air with a post and a picture.
It didn't take long before the guilty fans made themselves noticed, they created anonymous accounts and wanted the finder's pay they had been promised. Maarud honored their promise, sending out boxes of chips to our most loyal fans who had stayed true to honesty (But also with a gentle reminder that snacks always taste better when they're obtained the right way – not by sneaky hands)